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Precious Stones A : Natural Crystals, Bag of Gems, Healing Crystals, Lithomantic Divination Tool

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These Natural Crystals, Bag of Gems, Healing Crystals, Lithomantic Divination Tool are packed to order.

 Materials :

Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, good vibes, beauty, energy, moon, love, magic, nature, minerals, earth & Rose Quartz.

 This listing includes (1) Bag of Natural Healing Crystals with 20 Crystals in each Organza Bag. 




Perfect for a little Crystal pick me up. Choose the Crystal whose energy you want to absorb and keep it with you all day, week, or month long. 

All crystals are chosen at random.

Amazonite - Stone of Courage and Clairvoyance

Amethyst - Amethyst - Stone of Protection and Spirituality

Bronzite - Stone of Focused Action

Carnelian - Stone of Energy

Citrine - Stone of Success 

Clear Quartz - Stone of Power

Dragon Vein Agate - Stone of Strength 

Green Jade - Stone of Good Luck

Green Aventurine - Stone of Opportunity

Hematite - Stone of Unlimited Potential

Lapis Lazuli - Stone of Wisdom

Milky Quartz - Stone for Deep Meditation

Peach Quartz - Stone of Understanding Dreams 

Picture Jasper - Stone of Strengthening Family Bonds and Long-term Friendships

Red Jasper - Stone of Justice and Fairness

Rose Quartz - Stone of Unconditional Love

Serpentine - Stone Of Earth Energy and Kundalini Activation

Smokey Quartz - Stone for Removing Negative Energies

Sodalite - Stone of Truth

Yellow Jasper - Stone for Deflecting Jealousy

Measured: 0.50" - 0.75"

*These Crystals are a natural stone. Any variation in color and texture is part of its beauty and uniqueness. 

Perfect for enhancing and assisting energies to alters, dream pillows, spells, magical mixtures, crystal grids, meditation, and more. 

Each crystal has been carefully selected and blessed with magical intentions and cleansed with White Sage. 

Your crystals will come packaged in an organza pouch. 

**It will be accompanied by an information card explaining the meaning of which pendulum you choose, which Date, Time and Moon your crystals were blessed under.


Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.


PLEASE NOTE : Due to the high demand of certain products, some may take longer than others to arrive.

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